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Ship of Heroes Offers Update on Current Projects

Ship of Heroes weekly update

Ship of Heroes recently posted a blog post on their forums concerning the projects they’re currently working on for the upcoming MMO. Their goal is to start work on the superspeed video today or tomorrow, and hope to have it published before next weekend. They are also reviewing some animations for the spear powerset, but it may be a few months yet before it is shown off. Regardless, they’re happy with where it is and figure many Western MMOs neglect spears as a weapon/power set. The Ship of Heroes team is also working on its level-up process, which is a fairly complicated system. It’s complex to work on, but are certainly working on it, the augmentation slots, and having players be able to go to trainers. The final bit of news is that they offered a spot to an experienced artist to add onto their team, and are hopeful they accept the position. Ship of Heroes still has a long way to go, but they seem to be happy with how things are progressing.

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