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Rangers of Oblivion Adds New Hound System and Rifle Weapon

Rangers of Oblivion Hound update

With greater threats comes the need for greater firepower, and Rangers of Oblivion offers that in this latest update. Every Ranger who reaches level 50 can now adopt their own hound, with the new Hound System. The choices are Samoyed, Akita, and Husky, and they can also be renamed. These Hounds will level up and learn new skills to aid their Ranger. Hounds will assist the Rangers during Behemoth hunts and will require sound decision making.

Ruby, granddaughter of Master Igor also has a new weapon to give Rangers. She brings a high-powered rifle to the game, in both physical and elemental varieties. Variations in hunting can be achieved by using different type of bullets and offers a brand-new experience in Rangers of Oblivion.

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