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Challenge System Lets Players Earn Their Arsenal in Soldier Front 2

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The greatest spoils go to the sharpest and most dedicated soldiers! As closed beta looms ever closer, Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, has revealed the details of the Challenge and weapon upgrade systems in Soldier Front 2. The upcoming First-Person Shooter (FPS) features a robust path of progression that allows players to control their long-term development.

It all begins with the Challenge system, which sets many milestones as goals for players to work towards as they gun down opponents. These can widely vary, from simply playing for a certain number of hours to scoring a multitude of headshots. A handy tracker in the game lobby allows players to see their progress and pick out which challenges to chase.

In addition to bragging rights, challenges are key to growing out a player’s arsenal of weapons. Each completed challenge unlocks a modified version of a particular gun, which can then be purchased with points earned from playing matches. Each new version of a gun does not replace previous versions, so that players can freely switch between them according to their style of play.

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