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Hi-Rez Studios unleashes Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

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Today, Hi-Rez Studios have released a new update for SMITE that includes their latest god Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Fighting for honour rather than blood, Athena is the favoured daughter of Zeus and a paragon of incorruptible virtue. With her ultimate, Defender of Olympus, she can be swiftly involved in any battle, no matter her placing on the map. Athena picks a single allied god and launches herself into the air, landing next to them 4.2 seconds later. Enemies caught nearby as she lands take damage, while the allied god enjoys 50% damage mitigation while she is in the air.

Find out more about Athena, Goddess of Wisdom in her god reveal video below.

Also available in this update is a new, golden skin for Poseidon, as well as Athena’s High Counselor skin, and three new voice packs for Athena, Cupid and Ne Zha.

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