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Pirate Galaxy overhauls its content

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A major update to Pirate Galaxy should have players seeing a newly overhauled game.

The UI has been completely redesigned, made more streamlined and modern, adding a player support system and improve chatrooms. The beginner star system, Vega, has been revamped with 40 new missions and new planet designs, letting players become immersed in a new story arc and offering the same quality as later star systems. New conquest-based planets, ship designs, and more round out a very large update for the MMO.

Pirate Galaxy Gameplay Screenshot

The Original Press Release:

Pirate Galaxy gains it biggest update to date with a complete game overhaul.
Hamburg, Germany, July 22. Pirate Galaxy, the award winning free-to-play MMORPG, was updated with a complete redesign of the beginner star system, as well as a new user interface and dozens of other improvements, making this the biggest update in Splitscreen Studios’ development history.
The Vega star system is where new players start their exciting foray in the Pirate Galaxy universe. Combining a compelling story with over 40 new highly crafted missions and new exotic planet designs, the new Vega system is now on a par with the galaxy’s later star systems.
In addition to overhauled content, the user interface has been streamlined and modernized, with improved chatroom facilitates, direct player support system and a new polished layout. The user interface is now more comfortable to use and displays all relevant information to the player whilst remaining clean and uncluttered.
Furthermore, new ship designs, additional PvP clan based conquest planets and many gameplay improvements have been added to further enhance the player experience.

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