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King of Kings 3 reveals Town Features

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gamigo has offered new details about the town building system in King of Kings 3.

Once guilds have formed a legion, they can lease land to build a camp. However, a kingdom must be founded before allowing players to build their own town. Towns begin with only a main building and a protective outer wall; players can then build new buildings including alchemist huts and barracks (where players can hire three personal guards), to scenic items such as fountains and trees.

New King of Kings 3 Town Screenshots:

The Original Press Release:


Hamburg, July 22, 2010 – Today gamigo will introduce one of the most important features of the upcoming clan warfare MMORPG King of Kings 3: town building. After all, is it not every guild’s dream to build a thriving metropolis and take advantage of everything such a town has to offer? But the path there isn’t easy. Once guilds have joined to form a legion, they can lease land to build a camp. Only after a kingdom is founded can players also found their own town, earning them not only prestige but also a number of special in-game advantages.

The construction site is nearly empty at first. Only the main building is there, and the high walls all around to protect the town. There are plenty of options for building to choose from. From the barracks and the alchemist’s hut all the way to trees, statues and fountains, the choices are nearly endless. Each object can be placed and its appearance changed to suit player’s preferences. If they have the right resources, that is.

Barracks are one of the most important buildings to have. Here one can hire up to three personal guards to protect players in PvE combat against monsters as well as during PvP combat against other players. Warriors, mages and rangers can be recruited, equipped and sent for training in the barracks.

These screenshots offer a glimpse at the impressive towns in the game.

More information about town building and other exciting features of King of Kings 3 can be found on the game’s official website.

Registration for closed beta testing, which is currently under-way, is also open at

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