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Perfect Your Strategy With Albion Online’s Character Builder

Albion Online Launches on PC, Mac, and Linux Header Image

Albion Online is an MMO with the daunting task of building yourself any way you wish, traveling the vast Destiny Board to learn new skills and progress in the world. But it can certainly feel overwhelming for someone new to the game or to the style of sandbox MMO. That’s why Sandbox Interactive have come up with their Character Builder. From Beginners to Veterans, this community resource represents an easy way for players to share their character builds, tweak group equipment lists, and publish tips, tricks, and articles to help educate other users. Since all items and gear are crafted by the community, this tool makes the speccing process a personal one, as players can pore over the stats and skills contained within each sword they wield and chest-plate they bang out. From solo to guild-play, PvE to PvP, Albion Online’s Character Builder enables the game’s ever-growing community to share their own personal experiences and benefit from those of others. Plus, since the world of Albion is a wide-open canvas and can be a daunting first experience, this information offers new players with a digestible point of entry!

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