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RuneScape Introduces New Master-Level Quest: The Mighty Fall

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Runescape Mighty Fall

The Mighty Fall is the stunning conclusion to the long-running Cave Goblin quest series in RuneScape. Set in the aftermath of the death of the war god Bandos, which occurred during RuneScape’s 2nd event in January 2014, players will be asked to take part in a brutal tournament to determine the leadership of the god’s war band. Only the strong will survive and the fate of goblins, orks and trolls will rest in the hands of the victor.

Rewards for completing the quest include new high level weaponry, a new title and a big chunk of combat related XP!

The Mighty Fall launches this week, but it is not for the faint of heart. The requirements to complete his quest include high levels in skills such as strength and constitution, as well as success in a number of adventures which have previously featured within the Cave Goblin series.

For more information check out the news post on the RuneScape website.

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