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Rail Nation Stakes East v. West in Battle of the Tracks Across America

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Rail Nation

Harkening back to America’s roots, the good ol’ US of A is once again a Rail Nation in the newest browser game released today by Travian Games and Bright Future. Delivering goods on time is only part of the challenge, as Rail Nation requires computer conductors to think strategically, engineer alliances, and gain control of a railway system that has been our country’s backbone for hundreds of years. Players can now begin conquering America for free at, enjoying the latest update for a franchise that has already attracted more than a million players in nearly 20 different languages.

In Rail Nation’s US release, a great East-West duel takes center stage as the east’s Atlantic Railway and west’s Pacific Railroad factions are fighting for supremacy across the country. At each round’s start, cities on the map are distributed evenly between factions and are taken over through goods deliveries during the game. The more cities change hands and the higher the levels of the cities controlled by a faction, the more points are awarded until a winning faction emerges.

In Rail Nation’s US release, players also will discover:
· Familiar Sites of America! Featuring 50 cities and numerous iconic sights, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and more;
· Trains, trains and more trains. From steam to diesel to electrical, dozens of 3D engine models rendered to the highest level of realism with nearly 50 different kinds of wagons;
· Customized locomotives. More than 30 alternate paint jobs allow for individuality in a player’s vehicle fleet;
· Real-time strategy. Calculating routes and supply and demand for goods happens in real time, so long term planning meets on the fly decision making;

Interested players can climb on-board and register at

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