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MapleStory 2 Gets Ready for ‘Chaos Rising’ Update and Thanksgiving Events

Starting today, Maplers can join Chaos Raids for two dungeons: Shadow Altar and Moonlight Fortress, with the Ludibrium Clock Tower joining them on November 30th in MapleStory 2. Chaos Raids are challenging, straight-to-boss 10-player dungeons with incredible rewards awaiting players who complete these difficult challenges. Weapons and Legendary gear await the brave Maplers. Also starting today and ending on December 6th, is the Turkey Terror limited-time event. This is available to all players 10+, and in it they must defeat the “Wild Turkey”, which is an enormous turkey that is leading an invasion of Maple World. Players can accept the “Defeat the Wild Turkey” daily quest from Ruby in Queenstown and complete to earn the exclusive “Dashing Turkey Mount.” If that weren’t enough, there’s also a Maple Harvest event at the same time, where players can earn “Maple Leaf” coins to purchase items from NPC Bobby’s shop. Various in-game events will also reward unique titles to successful players.

Quality of life improvements include:

● Dismantle function improvement: Place more items into dismantle and preview
● Wardrobe feature: Switch out “preset gears” all together at once
● Quickslot pages: Save more quick slots and toggle between them
● Check Party Feature: Trigger an option to check if everyone is ready within the party
● Piano Roll: See the piano roll when composing a Blank Music Score
● House Size Reduction: Reduce the size of the house area

● New Weapon Templates: New weapon templates for Priest, Wizard, Heavy Gunner
and Berserker jobs

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