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Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival Announcements

During the 2019 Tokyo Fan Festival for Final Fantasy XIV, an absolute wealth of announcements were made for the upcoming third expansion, Shadowbringers. Players will head to the “First World”, and the realm of Norvandt. This will be the first time the Warriors of Light will travel to other dimensions, and though the land is similar, it’s also different. Here, we will become Warriors of Darkness to restore night, and save the world from the Flood of Light that heralds a terrible apocalypse. Also announced is the upcoming class, Dancer. Rumored in both other expansions, it finally arrives. Dancer is a ranged attacker, that uses throwing weapons, but can also use dances to execute abilities and provide buffs to their party.

Also announced is a new race, the Hrothgar. They will complement the recently announced Viera and are massive cat-like creatures. Muscular and tall, they seem to be male only, and the Viera also seems to be female only – this is also a first for Final Fantasy XIV. Two new cities will be located in Norvandt – The Crystarium and Eulmore. The former is a player hub and the latter is a city ruled by the wealthy elite and will be a major part of the Shadowbringers main story. There will also be a new 8-player raid encounter, Eden.

Of course, there will be a new Beast Tribe and at least one new Primal – The Bearded Dwarves, and the “Sin Eater” known as Innocence. Boy does that name sound familiar. Lakeland is a new area also coming in Shadowbringers. With the expansion comes a level cap increase (to 80) and the Trust System. This lets players have an opportunity for solo play, with NPCs to aid them in combat. They also talked briefly about the 24-player Alliance Raid series, entitled “YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse”. Players will also be able to experience their favorite classic Final Fantasy XIV content again, with the New Game+ feature. This will allow players to tackle older content with their current class/gear. Finally, there’s the Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard. Crafters, Gatherers and Adventurers will work together to rebuild the majestic city of Ishard, and that sounds incredible. More information can be found in the link below.

Patch 4.56, which will bring with it the climactic finish to the Stormblood main storyline is scheduled for release on March 26. The patch update also includes the final chapter in the continuing adventures of Hildibrand and the conclusion of the Stormblood beast tribe questline.

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