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Omega Zodiac Debuts on

Omega Zodiac Debuts on announced today the exclusive early launch of Omega Zodiac, the first Action RPG title to join its online games lineup. Produced by Chinese game developer Proficient City, the Omega Zodiac debut is part of Nutaku’s continuing effort to localize the most promising foreign-language titles for western gaming audiences.

Omega Zodiac is a freemium MMORPG that features a blend of Greek and Norse mythologies. The goddess Athena is in peril and it’s up to the player, an illicit offspring of Asgard and Olympus, to protect her and prevent the coming of Ragnarok.

A high-fantasy RPG dungeon crawler, Omega Zodiac tasks the player to assume the role of a Knight, Mage, or Archer as they seek to gather the Sacred Sets and discover unique skills and powers. It is only by becoming the ultimate Zodiac Warrior that the world can be saved.

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