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MU Online’s Season 14 Update Launches Today

MU Online Season 14

A new update hits MU Online today, and with it comes an absolute treasure trove of updates and features. Cubera Mines arrives in this update and is a new area for anyone over level 850. Cubera Mines are the first mine ever developed in the land of MU but were abandoned due to monster infestation. New monsters including Mine Digger, Mine Carrier, Mine Driller, Mine Porter, Dead Digger, Dead Shoveler and Dead Porter await all MU Players.

This update also brings a new Switch scroll. Once used, hardware usage is temporarily lowered to provide optimal performance and smooth gaming experience while the Switch scroll is active. WEBZEN will be handing out a Switch scroll(7days) for free to all players from September 3rd to September 17th, 2019. New items also come in Season 14, such as the 5th Grade Mastery Armor item set, “Frost Blueye Set”, and 4th Grade Soul Weapons. These will make characters much stronger.

Starting from today until September 16th, players will not only be able to collect ‘Elemental Symbol’ by defeating monsters in Cubera Mines in order to get Element Box, but also explore the Cubera Mines and grab Golden Crest items to create Lv. 4 Wings. With the increased level cap, those who reach Lv. 1,050 during the event period will get a special Great Elf Kara Muun. In order to achieve this, starting from September 17th, players will be able to level up their character faster with an extra 20% EXP and decreased monster HP. In addition to these events, there are also special rewards to be had, such as “Roulette Ranking Event”, “Moss’s Mastery Ranking Event” and more.

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