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MU Online Celebrates its 10th Anniversary With In-Game Rewards

MU Online 10th Anniversary

MU Online is proud to announce it has reached ten years of service and boasts 56 million registered users as of this date. To celebrate they are not only holding an anniversary event in-game but also offering special time-limited packages. From today until June 4th, the MU Online team is running a host of anniversary events, such as Evomon Hunting Event, Evomon Ranking Event, and Mystic Gift Box Event.

First, players can collect Summoning Scroll Fragments by hunting monsters to create an Evomon Summoning Scroll. Once they drop the Evomon Summoning Scroll to the ground to summon a Lv. 1 Evomon and hunting the Evomon, they will have a chance to level up their Evomon or receive a dropped special reward box containing items including Jewels, (Hero) Bloodangel Soul, Garuda’s Feather, or Excellent Items. Players will be ranked by the maximum level of the evolved Evomon and the total damage to the Evomon. When listed in the top rank, they will receive special rewards – Legendary Dark Wizard Muun, Soul Mastery Set, and Ruud.

During the event period, players can also purchase 1,000 Goblin Points at a very low price, which they can use to purchase Gift Boxes in the in-game shop. Upon opening the boxes, users will randomly receive various rewards such as 4th Wings, Earring of Wrath, Holyangel Mastery Weapon, Garuda’s Feather, Bloodangel Soul, Scrolls, Rings, or Lucky Item Tickets. For a limited time only, MU Online’s 10th Anniversary Box/Premium Box will be available for purchase in the in-game Shop. The 10th Anniversary Box includes Gold Channel Ticket (7 Days), Talisman of Ascension II (7 Days), Skeleton Ring (7 Days), Pet Skeleton (7 Days), and Scroll Package (7 Days), and the 10th Anniversary Premium Box includes Gold Channel Ticket (14 Days), Talisman of Ascension II (14 Days), Pink Panda Ring (14 Days), Pet Panda (14 Days), and Scroll Package (14 Days).

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