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Moon Hunters Art Book Released, PS4 Delayed

Moon Hunters Art Book Released, PS4 Delayed

Moon Hunters has announced the release of their digital art book, along with a delay for the PlayStation 4 version.

    Backers can now claim their art book rewards, and those who would like a copy of the book will also be able to buy it for $30 through the Humble Store. The art book contains:
  • Over 90 full-color pages
  • Over 7,000 words of accompanying explanations, from the perspective of a historian after the game’s end
  • Bunches of never-before-seen concepts and lore
  • Strategic constellation-unlocking hints and recipe ideas

However, Kitfox Games also had a small announcement about the game’s PlayStation 4 version:

Unfortunately, due to a few persistent technical issues somewhere between Kitfox and Sony, our launch on PS4 has had to be slightly delayed, in both North America and Europe. We aren’t quite sure of the exact date yet, but we’re hoping for (x). We’re sorry for the delay — I promise you that all mistakes made were honest and we have been doing our best to prevent further problems.

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