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Lord of the Rings Online – Where Dragon Dwell Update Hits Today

LOTRO - Where Dragons Dwell -image

The latest update for Lord of the Rings Online hits today, which is called “Where Dragons Dwell”. This update brings new content to the game, such as new areas of Middle-Earth to explore. The Iron Hills, Grey Mountains and Erebor are all open, and this update also adds a new instrument to the LOTRO Instrument System – The Bassoon. This system allows players to compose and play their own music in the game, with real-world instruments, and the Bassoon is a nice addition to that family. There’s also a limited-time in-game gift, where players can go to the LOTRO Store and receive a Dwarven Miner’s Helmet as a gift, by using the code STARTMINING.  Additionally, the Where Dragons Dwell quest pack features over 80 quests and deeds, new instances, raids and more across new Dwarf-holds regions.

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