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Ring of Elysium Announces Season 2 And Volcano Island Map

Ring of Elysium’s team announced that coming this week (January 16th, 2019) is Adventurer’s Pass Season 2. This update will also feature a new map, also launching on the 16th. Europa, the name of the new map, will feature an active volcano and introduces three new characters, as well as modes of transportation. On this map, players can travel under the sea, by driving the cross-harbor tunnel submarine, and will also have to dodge volcanic ash and destruction, as it closes in around them, in the danger zone. As far as new transportation goes, players will have BMX Bikes, Hang Gliders, and Grappling Hooks to get to those hard-to-reach places in an all-new way.

Europa Island also brings brand new weapons for players to equip themselves with including the new MG4 and PKM. The new weapons and transport modes allow for even more tactical options in the quest for survival. Players can jump into the action of the new Europa Island map on January 16th and play as three new characters well equipped to survive the island each with two sets of upgraded appearances.

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