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LOLSUMO Enters Closed Beta

LOLSUMO Enters Closed Beta Post Main

Dojo Madness UG is proud to announce LOLSUMO achieving closed beta status.
LOLSUMO is the free next-generation companion app for leading MOBA game “League of Legends” developed by Riot Games Inc.
Built for Android devices, LOLSUMO focuses on providing a better experience and access for gamers, targeting first and foremost the massive number of new and casual players.
By providing complete coverage from general tips and skill sequences to item builds and player information, LOLSUMO guides players along their path to success. It enables players to focus on their play and not spend hours reading lengthy guides full of technical terms. On top of this, all information is provided for the specific matchup the player is facing at that very moment in real time, powered by the proprietary sensAI technology with over 1.5 Billion game events logged and over 1 Million unique guides created to date.
Dojo Madness CEO Jens Hilgers comments: “We consider our LOLSUMO a next generation tool for mastering eSports games. The LOLSUMO is your realtime coach conveniently at hand on your smartphone or tablet as a second screen while you are playing League. He provides League players with highly relevant contextual tips and guidance for your current hero and match setup, improving your play and helping you to learn the entire depth and mechanics of League of Legends.
Beta application for LOLSUMO is available here:

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