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League of Angels II Gets a Romantic Valentines Update

League of Angels 2 Valentines

League of Angels II is slated to receive a Valentines Day update on February 10th, 2018. The event will last until February 14th, 2018, and offers up a new romantic legend. A new costume, mount, and title will all be available at this time. The new “Lover’s Devotion” outfits are artifact suits that include both clothing and wings. With very smart designs and skills, they’re a solid choice for players to dress themselves up for Valentines’s Day. The female Lover’s Devotion costume has a dreamy and romantic quality. It is a white strapless dress decorated with pink bowknots and falling petals and hearts. The male Lover’s Devotion costume, a tailored suit combining ultra-chic style with romantic elements, accentuates the elegance and nobility of the gentleman. Players who obtain the Lover’s Devotion outfit will also receive an exclusive Valentine’s title. The new mount is “Fluttering Hearts”, and is a more simple, romantic design over the “Moonlight Carriage”, which had elegance and sophistication. This is an artifact Mount, that is also a powerful ally. It greatly strengthens the party by boosting attack, hit, and dodge attributes.

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