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Hirez Studios Announces Launch Date for Hand of the Gods


Great news for online card game enthusiasts: Hirez Studios has officially announced the launch date for Hand of the Gods! February 20th is the big day, and it will launch on all platforms.  HiRez Studios’ card game is free to play for all outlets, but you can unlock all the cards in the game for under 45 USD (over 300 cards). “We’re happy to offer a competitive and balanced game at a great price,” said Stew Chisam, President of Hi-Rez Studios. “Players won’t need to break the bank to complete their collection.” The new bundles and packs will be available on February 20th on all platforms:

  • The Core Set Bundle ($19.99) will add all cards from the Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, and Neutral pantheons to the player’s collection.
  • Pantheon Core Sets ($7.99 each): each pantheon in the game will be purchasable separately
  • Players can combine the Core Set Bundle with three additional pantheon packs to own every card in the game.

Owners of the Founder’s Pack of Venus Competitors Pack will receive the Core Set Bundle for free. In addition, anyone already playing Hand of the Gods will keep their card collection, and will also have any previously spent runes returned to their account. Players can still play for free and acquire cards over time like a traditional CCG. Players can also get a quick start at the game by purchasing just one Pantheon Core Set.

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