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Hearthstone Celebrates Noblegarden With An In-Game Event

Hearthstone - Noblegarden Event - image

The World of Warcraft Springtime event, “Noblegarden” is coming to Hearthstone from May 9-13th. The Tavern will celebrate with festive greeting emotes, a new Tavern brawl, and two Golden cards (Golden Eggnapper and Golden Devilsaur Egg) just for logging in. The “Everybunny Get In Here” Brawl will celebrate the season by painting eggs with a pre-made deck featuring colorful dyes and special Noblegarden cards. Each turn spawns a Noblegarden Egg with a cute minion that players can dye. Every dye applied to an egg will grant the minion a different buff (Rush, Lifesteal, Poisonous, et cetera).

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