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Guns of Icarus Online updates to version 1.3.5

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On February 3rd, Muse Games released an update for Guns of Icarus Online which featured various new changes and additions.

GoIO Update

These changes include:

  1. Main screen adjustments: Removal of Quick Join, renaming of Matches as Play (with the removal of Quick Join, the language of the UI needed to be made more direct)
  2. Match List rearrangement: listing of matches will now go as follows (from top to bottom): scrambled not yet started, unscrambled not yet started, scrambled in progress, unscrambled in progress.
  3. Ability to block/mute during match via crew screen (with tab key)
  4. Rank numerals displayed in match via crew screen (with tab key)
  5. Progression page adjustments: Removal of summary page, with relevant information displayed on log page

Various bugfixes and balance changes have also been made.

For more information, visit here or watch the video below!

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