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Golden Age begins open beta

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Golden Age has launched its closed beta, beginning October 19. The game will offer several closed beta events, offering rewards to the highest leveled players, screen shot contest winners, and more.

Golden Age is a browser-based RTS with a blend of RPG elements, including a side-scrolling town, solo and cooperative battles, PvE and PvP experiences, plus city and hero management. You can see more about the game in our Golden Age Press Preview.

Golden Age is published by Aeria Games, which also publishes Eden Eternal and Call of Gods.

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Leading Free-to-play Online Multiplayer Publisher Opens up the Dynamic Medieval World of Golden Age for Players to Experience True Strategy and Roleplaying in their Browser

SANTA CLARA – October 19, 2011 – Aeria Games, a leading destination for free-to-play online multiplayer games, today launched closed beta testing of Golden Age, its highly anticipated Real-Time Strategy (RTS) browser-based title. Golden Age is an expansive strategy game infused with roleplaying elements to deliver a fresh RTS experience. Set in a tumultuous medieval setting inspired by the history of the legendary Knights Templar, the free-to-play title is exclusively licensed to Aeria Games for release in North America and Europe.

Created by Giant Interactive Group, Golden Age blends traditional browser-based RTS gameplay with role-playing game (RPG) features to deliver a beautifully-rendered and immersive experience. Players interact in Sanctum City, the game’s side-scrolling, RPG-style town, and fight solo or cooperatively to conquer territories and expand their empires. From Sanctum City, players can delve into instanced dungeons, attack resource points, and plunder wildernesses to level up and gain experience in player-versus environment (PvE) battles before they venture forth to compete in strategic player-versus-player (PvP) city battles. Players maintain diverse military resources, including infantry, cavalry, mages, trebuchets, spies, and a host of ruthless offensive and defensive tactics as they plot their path to domination. Like all browser games from Aeria Games, no download is required and the game is free to play.

Golden Age offers refined browser gameplay that pushes forward the web RTS genre with revolutionary upgrades in graphics, in-game systems, and player options,” said Lan Hoang, Chief Executive Officer, Aeria Games. “The launch of our closed beta allows players to immerse themselves for the first time in a dynamic medieval RTS world enriched with roleplaying elements.”

Aeria Games will host the Golden Age closed beta starting on October 19. The game will feature a number of player events during the closed beta including prizes for players who achieve the highest levels, Forum Events in which players can upload in-game screens for a chance to win Aeria Points, and a Facebook raffle.

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