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Hero Defense – Haunted Island Multiplayer Update Available

Hero Defense - Haunted Island Multiplayer Update Available

Berlin-based independent developer Happy Tuesday is excited to announce today that the competitive multiplayer update to their smash hit tower-defense-action-RPG hybrid game, Hero Defense – Haunted Island, is now available for download on Steam.

Players of Hero Defense – Haunted Island can take each other on in a fast-paced, highly-competitive synchronous 1v1 multiplayer mode where a keen eye and strategy comes into play. Each player must arm their five heroes with the appropriate skills and runes to best the opposing player, smartly maneuvering heroes to optimal locations on the map to combat waves of enemy creeps in order to protect their own barriers, and acquire magical orbs for additional offensive capabilities. Whoever eliminates their wave of undead creeps first can strategically dismantle their opponent’s defense though Punishments – the ability to customize the enemy’s upcoming creep wave, either via stat boosts or by swapping them for a different creep type entirely bested only by a specific hero. It’s each player’s goal to overwhelm their opponents by taking advantage of their vulnerabilities so that creeps can destroy their opponent’s barricade.

Hero Defense – Haunted Island’s multiplayer update adds three new maps (with a total of eight maps planned for when the game leaves Steam’s Early Access program later this summer).

Today also brings the first Multiplayer Season to Hero Defense – Haunted Island, a week-long event where players can compete in ranked matches to claim the title of ultimate champion. Multiplayer Seasons will be held each and every week, and progress will be reset at the end of the season preceding the next.

“After a week of closed beta testing with our beloved community members, multiplayer is now available,” said Karsten Härle, CEO of Happy Tuesday. “We’ve worked long and hard to innovate on classic Tower Defense mechanics, and I think players of Hero Defense will be quite surprised how competitive we’ve made this mode. I look forward to their reactions!”

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