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FreeStyle reveals new characters and VIP

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In an update planned for Wednesday, April 7th, FreeStyle Street Basketball will be revealing “Here Come the LA Gold Bugs.”

The update will reveal a few new characters for the basketball MMO. Yoshino, the final character on the Japanese team, will be released on Wednesday. On May 12, Mantis will be added. Mantis is the first special character for the LA Gold Bugs, and does not have her skills fixed, allowing players to make some flexible options as to how she works on their team.

A new flat rate VIP package will be added, and every player will get the chance to try out the subscription for free for seven days. New items will also be added to the item shop.

The Original Press Release:

FreeStyle to unveil content of an unprecedented new style!

Seoul, April 5 – FreeStyle Street Basketball, the world’s first online basketball game serviced at global game portal GameKiss, will unveil the “Here Comes the LA Gold Bugs” update on Wednesday April 7th PDT.

In this update, new characters will be unveiled one by one. Last special character of The Japanese team ‘Yoshino’ will be released on April 7, and the LA Gold Bugs team’s first special character ‘Mantis’ will be introduced a month later on May 12. Mantis is different from the existing special characters as her skills aren’t fixed according to the default position. Her basic skills can be chosen among two types, and users will have various game-play choices by selecting different abilities.

The update also includes the VIP Package, a new flat rate item. The VIP Package can be used for thirty days, and when the item is purchased, it provides a wide range of benefits. The benefits include 100 percent increases in Exp. and Game points, and +1 in all abilities along with expansion of skill slots. Unlike other items, The VIP package item isn’t just limited to the character that purchased the item; its benefits will be applied to all the characters belonging to the account. It will be good news to the users who develop various characters.

Furthermore, to celebrate this VIP package item launch, FreeStyle hosts an event which gives all FreeStyle users an opportunity to experience the premium benefits of the item for a week without charging them.

“We planned this event to help all FreeStyle users to experience the benefits of the VIP package that’s newly updated,” said FreeStyle service manager Roman.

The update will also introduce GameKiss’ unique new items that will satisfy users with different tastes including the British palace guard outfit, the mafia outfit and the traditional Philippines costume. FreeStyle not only introduces fashionable costume items, but also the ‘Pandora’s Box’ item that will provide users with unique items. Pandora Box costs 98GKash ($1USD), and when the item is used, the user will obtain rare items randomly that cannot be purchased in the item shop including high-price skill slots and tattoos. Users now have opportunities to obtain high-quality items for a cheap price depending on their luck.

More details about FreeStyle’s new update can be found at its official website:

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