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Big Bang Racing Launches Globally Today

Big Bang Racing Launches Globally Today

Finnish mobile game developer Traplight announced today that its debut social racer Big Bang Racing is now available, free to download, on the App Store and Google Play. Featuring highly social gameplay, Big Bang Racing is a fun physics based racing and puzzle app that makes history by building the whole game experience using solely user-generated content. It gives each player the opportunity to become a Youtube-like star content creator by building unique racing levels through an easy-to-use touch screen level editor. For more information about Big Bang Racing, visit:

Big Bang Racing represents how we envision the future of mobile gaming – community driven experiences that revolve around player creativity and social interaction”, said Riku Rakkola, CEO of Traplight. “Leaving the content of your game up to the players can seem like a gamble, but when you think about platforms like Youtube, you realize that it’s 100% UGC. Because of the community, the great content surfaces and finds it’s way to the players. Our game has the same idea, and it is working great! The players create amazing, high quality levels, and we can’t wait to see how the Big Bang Racing world will evolve.”

In Big Bang Racing, players compete against others in the thrilling Racing mode and collect treasures from puzzling Adventure tracks. Players can create and share their own levels using a uniquely fun level editor and team up with friends from around the globe to compete for the top places on the leaderboards. Players can also improve their vehicles and collect the swaggiest hats in the universe to personalize their characters. Big Bang Racing is localised in French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and will be localised in Russian and the Asian markets later in 2016.

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