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Vainglory Summer Season Championships Set for the West

Vainglory Summer Season Championships Set for the West

Vainglory, the world’s leading touchscreen esport, will hold its Summer Season Championship live events in Seattle, Washington, at Amazon’s downtown events center adjacent to PAX West, and Cologne, Germany at ESL’s esports arena. Tickets are available now for fans to watch each of the best eight teams from North America and Europe compete for the chance to be crowned the best Vainglory players in their region. The event will also be live streamed on Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers.

In North America, the Championships will take place September 2-4 at Amazon’s downtown events center in Seattle, Washington. The “Battle in Seattle” will be free for PAX pass holders on a first come, first served basis, with complimentary bus service from the Washington State Convention Center to Amazon’s event center. Non-PAX attendees can purchase tickets for $5 here.

The European Championships will be held at ESL’s state-of-the-art Esports Arena in Cologne, Germany, September 9-11. A limited number of VIP access tickets, which include a chance to meet with the teams and Vainglory developers, are available for purchase here.

For fans unable to attend the live events, the action will be streamed for viewers everywhere at

Sponsored by The Amazon Appstore, The Vainglory Summer Season runs from June 23 through September 14 and has seen participants compete in an entirely new, two-tiered competitive structure called “The Evil Eight.” Winning teams from the Summer Season have the chance to move on to the Championship this September and, should they win, qualify for the first-ever World Championship tournament taking place in December; during which the 12 best teams from around the globe will compete for ultimate bragging rights and the Vainglory World Championship title.

Additionally, Vainglory’s 1.20 update went live today, featuring new skins, more Summer Sunlight rewards, bots to help new players acclimate and all players practice, and much more.

  • New Skins: Update 1.20 includes a host of skins, all of which are available now! Make a splash with the new Summer Party Saw skin, Broken Doll Alpha, Fury Rona Tier III or North Wind Reim Tier II. Additionally, the Skins Sale has been extended, so players can access them all at special discount ICE prices.

  • Bots for One and All: Vainglory now has intelligent bots that challenge players across various modes and skill levels. Designed to behave like humans, they’ll follow attack commands, rally at specified points and even express sadness or congratulations through the game’s social pings. Bots offer a low-risk way to sharpen skills without the pressure of a live player match.

  • More Ways to Soak up Sun: The Summer Sunlight progression systems is now more rewarding with added Sunlight payouts. Bot modes and all losses will now reward players with additional Sunlight.

  • Kill Streaks: This one’s in honor of all the hard carries out there. For the first time ever, players will hear Vainglory’s iconic announcer declare “Double Kill!” or “TRIPLE KILL!” in recognition of outplays.

  • New Banning System: Through player feedback, Super Evil has improved its system of punishment for players who leave matches, dodge queues or have negative karma. Bans will be shorter but with new requirements to serve the ban in the matchmaking queue.

  • Introducing Treants: Welcome this new monster to the fold, as jungle heal camps get a cosmetic upgrade but with the same healing effects.

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