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Ether Saga celebrates second anniversary

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Ether Saga Online is now celebrating its second anniversary. As a gift, all players will get an exclusive anniversary gift pack full of goodies. Players who’ve played for one year will get a free mount (Papa Rabbit); while players who have played for two years will get the mount and a special fashion set (Royal Guardian).

Ether Saga Online is published by Perfect World, which also publishes Jade Dynasty, Battle of the Immortals, Legend of Martial Arts, and Forsaken World.

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Over 700,000 chats inspire new friendships worldwide

March 17, 2011 – Foster City, Calif. – Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today marks the second anniversary of Ether Saga Online ,the 3D fantasy¬† MMORPG inspired by the literary classic novel, “Journey to the West”. With over 700,000 world chats recorded from unique characters, Ether Saga Online fans have contributed to the game’s success in more ways than just exploring in-game content as they continue to create a social platform for both new and old players to build lasting friendships.

Among many exciting features, the community makes Ether Saga Online a unique experience. Players are interacting with other players around the world to explore game features and find ways to create over 26 million customized weapon, gear, pet, and potion items.

“Even after two years, we continue to see a friendly and active community of followers in Ether Saga Online enjoying their shared experience and asking for new content,” said Aaron Potter, Product Manager for Ether Saga Online . “In response to player feedback, we are currently working on an expansion that will introduce a new race, new classes, new areas, and more pets to capture.”

Since the arrival of Ether Saga Online onto the free-to-play market in North America in 2009, it has captured thousands of players with its unique features such as pet melding, which allows players to upgrade their pets and create stronger breeds. With hundreds of pets available to obtain, players can create different looking pets, and even transform into the monster that they defeat.

Celebrating the two year milestone of Ether Saga Online, players will be eligible to receive a variety of items, including an exclusive anniversary gift pack, a permanent fashion set, and a free mount. For more information on Ether Saga Online’s second anniversary festivities and claim your reward, please visit

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