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DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor Reveals a New Chapter & Feature

Dawnbreak Flaming Emperor - Time Rift News

DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor is a 3rd person action-RPG that is about to see a big update this month. March 8th will see the introduction to a higher level cap and a new feature, the “Time Rift”. The new chapter, “Revenge of the Dark Elves” has Anis and his companions travel to the Forest of Whispers only to find darkness and carnage. Dark Elves are attacking Elves and the Enchantment Tree that protects this forest. While this happens, Haley continues to have their powers awaken and the dynamic between the heroes begins to shift. The games level cap will increase to 55, and Time Rifts are on the way as well. Players from different servers will be separated into two groups to compete for a week by challenging various levels in the Time Rift. Based on their rank, players will gain Diamonds and Fashion Item Tickets.

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