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MMORPG Mabinogi Turns 10 & Nexon Launches Special In-Game Events

[Nexon America] Mabinogi 10th Anniversay Event - Image

This month marks ten years of Mabinogi from Nexon! For that reason, there are 30 days of celebrations coming! Over the next 30 days, events iwll take place directly in game such as challenging themselves to the Cave of Trials, feeding the hungry deer, voting on their favorite NPC and much more. Lots of in-game gifts also await fans from Nexon, to thank them for their years of dedication to their game. Players only need to log in to get amazing gifts, like the Party Balloon Pony Whistle, 10th Anniversary NPC Miniature Box as well as a Rose Wreath Fez and Tia Mini-Gem.

  • Festia – What’s a better place in the land of Erinn to host a celebration for the 10th Anniversary than Festia? Head to Festia to see everything decked out for the anniversary! During the celebration, some mini-games in Festia will be unlocked along with other events, so there’s no better place to be;

  • Cave of Trials – The Cave of Trials is back with new titles and a new challenger! Head to the Frontier Zone in Festia to sign up to test your strength in the Cave of Trials. Be warned though! The new challenger, the Song of Grief, will try to challenge you in the twelfth trial. Conquering each trial will reward a new title, so go ahead, and test your strength today;

  • The Sneaky Developer – Every year, the developer sneaks into the game and compiles Thank-you Notes from the team. On your way into Festia, be sure to stop by and talk to the Sneaky Developer to help hunt for Thank-You Notes! Collect them all to get some special gifts, like the Rose Garden Swing and a Miniature Fan;

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