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Darkfall Unholy Wars: Halloween Event Announced

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Darkfall Unholy Wars

Next week, on October 30 and for five consecutive days, Aventurine SA will be hosting a Darkfall Unholy Wars Halloween event with some extra special events and seasonal features never before seen in this successful MMORPG.

“Certain of our beasties around the land have begun to act strangely, taken to gathering sweets and candies for some nefarious purpose.  You need simply slay these ‘strangers’ and take this candy for yourself! These sweetly endowed monsters will change every day.  You will, however, be able to identify them from their distinctly ‘squashed’ appearance. Map Markers will show the locations of the new spawn points every day.” Aventurine SA

Five new special Halloween feats will be haunting your feat window and each one will reward special unique treats as well as prowess. You will also find some horrifyingly awesome new Halloween themed items in the shop! Also be sure to keep a newt’s eyeball out for many other special treats around the land during All Hallows Eve and beyond!

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