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MapleStory’s Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes Receives Release Date

MapleStory has a new update coming this month, with Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes. This update releases on July 24th, 2019. In this update, players level 61 and up can tackle the new Ancient Ruins Party Quest and can work together to battle the Ancient Guardian boss. There are portals to navigate, constellations to study, and switches to activate in order to unlock treasure. The Cross World Party Quests are also awaiting, alongside new limited-time rewards, with the Party Point Merchant coin shop.

From working together, to working alone, players can build a team of characters on their account to take on the Immortal Gorgons. The more effectively a player can build up a squad, the more daily and weekly rewards they can collect. Those who are level 135 and above also have the new THeme Dungeon: Partem Ruins, which takes place int he Pathfinder’s hometown. Players will explore vast ruins, and battle a trio of dark magicians to save the town before an ancient beast destroys this peaceful area. There are also new mini-games to play and Adventure Tiers. These include Trailblaze and Bushmaster, which are on Adventure Island.

If that weren’t enough, there is also the Double Mega Burning Project! In it, players can have two characters with the burning buff at once, after reaching level 10. Every time these characters level up, they gain and additional two levels, from level 10 to level 150. Beast Tamer Character Creation will also be back for a limited time, so players can harness the various skills of animals, to deal powerful damage and level up. There have also been a variety of updates to early job quests and several of the Beast Tamer skills have also been increased in damage/utility.

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