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Tactical Intervention: Reloaded Kickstarter

Tactical Intervention Reloaded by FIXGames — main image

So, let’s be honest: Tactical Intervention was in a pretty bad place back in 2013. From pay-to-win content, bugs, design flaws and more. The end result was Til “Albartros” Sichel (Lead Level Designer) and crew got rid of the publishers, investors from Biticodes, and some of the management and returned to work. With negative influences removed from the project, four years were spent fixing the game, dealing with a slew of issues (especially the P2W factor). While a great deal of progress has been made, they cannot do it alone, so Til and company have started a Kickstarter to fund the resurrection of Tactical Intervention: Reloaded. For those of you who are into dog chases, crazy action, and fun tactical gameplay, this is for you. The link to their Kickstarter is below, and I look forward to seeing it succeed without all of the toxic influences that were a part of the game previously.

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