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Creativerse Recaps Latest Updates R15-16

Playful has been hard at work keeping Creativerse updates rolling out. In the past month, the game has seen two major update builds: R15 and R16. Since last month, Creativerse has a redesigned movement system that improves collision detections and issues, especially with stairs and ladders.
A recent newsletter breaks down the changes further:
The world of Creativerse just got a little bit more mysterious and treacherous. You’ll notice it down in the lava and corruption layers, or up in the snowy mountains. You may also see some funky temperature-related effects transforming ice, lava and other materials depending on where they are. It adds a layer of strategy and danger to adventuring out and about. But the world is also more beautiful now too. Watch what happens to patches of dirt over time…
More stuff!
– Canyon block set. Perfect for civilizing the canyons with a vacation home, complete with a Dustevil observation deck.
– Fans! Use these jet fueled blowers at your own risk (pro tip: don’t use them for drying hands).
– Ice slopes. Teleporters are so 2014. These days the cool kids are slipping and sliding to home base at neck breaking speeds.
– Fancy new main menu. Customize your world with a description and thumbnail shot. Express yourself!
– Creature improvements. Trog will now haunt your dreams even more…
– Many new sound effects. Ear candy.

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