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Amazon Launches Month-Long Rewards Celebration

Amazon App Challenges News - Image

The Amazon Appstore launched Challenges today, which is a month-long celebration that rewards players in a variety of games/apps. This includes achievements in Family Farm Seaside, Survival Arena, Caesars Slots, Seekers Notes, Sweet Road and more. Today through April 29th, Appstore customers will get to pick from a variety of mobile challenges, ranging from finding in-game Easter eggs to hitting a certain level or making an in-app purchase. Completed challenges will reward customers with in-app or real-world rewards.

Below is an outline of some of the available challenges and rewards:

  • April 6-15: Purchase the “Amazon Special Offer” in-game item in Caesars Slots and get an Echo Dot

  • April 6-15: Place in the top 3 in Survival Arena competitions titled “Challenges” and get an Amazon device (1st place: Echo, 2nd place: Echo Dot, 3rd place: FireTV Stick)

  • April 6-15: Reach level 21 and register the clover statue in Family Farm Seaside for $5 in Amazon credit (new users only)

  • April 16-22: Complete the Easter Egg Hunt in Seekers Notes and get $5 or more in Amazon Credit

  • April 16-22: Clear the final level on the Candy House stage in Sweet Road $10 in Amazon Credit

  • April 23-29: Clear level 10 of the Treasure Hunt in Toy Party and get $10 in Amazon Credit

Customers will be able to earn additional rewards by completing a six-piece puzzle made up of pieces provided by Amazon upon completion of specific Challenges. Those who complete their puzzle can earn a variety of rewards, ranging from $1,000 in promotional credit to $50 towards Amazon devices like Echo Dots or Fire Tablets.

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