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Chaos Heroes Online: New MOBA releasing this Fall

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Turn the tide, win the battle, survive the war! Free-to-play online games publisher Aeria Games today announced Chaos Heroes Online, a new action-packed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Set to debut this fall, this super-challenging MOBA is brimming with unique features and an extensive list of powerful, one-of-a-kind heroes.

Offering an authentic MOBA experience, Chaos Heroes Online is a descendent of the original Warcraft® III DotA™ mod and was developed from South Korea’s famous version of DotA: Chaos. Counting down to an explosive launch in North America later this year, Chaos Heroes Online will offer MOBA players looking to “rein in the chaos” a fast, competitive, ruthless battle experience.

In a true advantage over other MOBAs, players can surprise their opponents by gearing up and re-equipping in the heat of battle. With no need to head back to home base, players can stock up on armor, potions and weapons at any point on the way to destroying the opponent’s base.

In Chaos Heroes Online, nothing is truly won until the fight is over. With fast-paced, fluid battles, quick starts to every match, and powerful heroes and new map mechanics, Chaos Heroes Online provides an experience close to the origins of the MOBA genre. The winner is not clear until the game is won, maintaining a level of suspense until the end and motivating players to fight their hardest. Surprises from the opposing team call for quick strategic adaptation, meaning the skill of each player decides who is victorious.

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