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Top Pirate Themed MMORPGs

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Yesterday, September 19th, was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I was busy listening to the Lazy Town song ‘You Are a Pirate’ all day, but I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some of the best pirate themed free to play MMORPGs with everyone today. Always remember to do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!
Voyage Century
Voyage Century Screenshot
Publisher: IGG
Developed by the Chinese studio Snail Games, Voyage Century was one of the first free to play MMORPGs based on sailing, exploration, and of course pirating. The game has great graphics compared to most F2P games, but even more impressive is the depth of gameplay options. Players could harvest resources, make discoveries, sail across the whole world, fight on land or at sea, and trade good between ports. The pacing is a bit odd at times, attacking a turtle gave me a few levels worth of experience but that sure beats grinding. Towards the end game, players will have to start relying on the cash shop, but there’s hundreds of hours of free content to explore in Voyage Century Online.
Florensia Screenshot
Publisher: Alaplaya
This anime styled fantasy MMORPG allows players to level up separately on land and sea. At first, players will spend most of their time on land progressing and learning new skills. There are a variety of zones to explore, quests to complete, and classes to chose from. Each class has at least two playstyles available, for example gunners can use duel pistols or a single rifle. Play as a mage, healer, or tank in Florensia, but don’t forget the naval component! Players have a different skill tree and experience level at. Form parties and explore dungeons, and move from one continent to the next. There are four base classes, but a total of 12 towards the end game.
Tales of Pirates 2
Tales of Pirates 2 Screenshot
Publisher: IGG
The original Tales of Pirates was so popular that a sequel soon followed. With improved 3D graphics and a new fairy pet system, ToP2 has gone on to attract a large audience as well. The anime themed MMORPG starts like many others, players select a character and complete quests to level up. At level 10 players make their first job advancement then wait until level 40 for their second. After progressing far enough, players can purchase ships and take to the sea. Tales of Pirates 2 has low system requirements, but maintains MMORPG staples like PvP, dungeons, crafting, and so on. There’s a auto-navigation feature build in to make questing easier, but be warned there is some grind involved with this one.
Pirates of the Caribbean Online
Pirates of the Caribbean Online Screenshot
Publisher: Disney
Who knew a movie series based off a theme park ride could get so popular? If the movies haven’t given you your fill of Captain Jack and the Blackpearl, then download Disney’s The Pirates of the Caribbean Online. It’s not entirely free to play, but an unlimited free trial gives players access to plenty of content. What sets this game apart from most others is the great voice acting, done by the real actors, and action oriented combat. Players have to literally swing their sword or fire their pistol each time they attack. Gamers feeling more adventurous can put on a ring that transforms them into the undead and enable PvP combat. PotCO supports both land based and naval combat.
Uncharted Waters Online
Uncharted Waters Online Screenshot
Publisher: Netmarble
A popular Japanese MMORPG, Uncharted Waters Online only recently made it to Western shores thanks to Netmarble. In many ways its similar to Voyage Century. Players start by choosing which European power they want to align themselves with. There are three key professions in UWO, and they involve Adventuring, Trade, and Battle. Improve adventuring related skills by sailing around the seas in search of new discoveries. Trade can make you wealthy, but requires an acute business sense: buy low, sell high! Battle is the most exciting, and can be performed on land or sea. Equip your ship with cannons, sails, masts, skilled NPC crew members, and seize enemy ships.
Pirates of the Burning Sea
Pirates of the Burning Screenshot
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
This one isn’t free to play just yet, but Sony Online Entertainment has already announced that Pirates of the Burning Sea will be getting a free to play make over. This is great news, especially coming after the launch of EverQuest 2: Extended, a free to play version of the previous subscription-only EQ2. Players familiar with free to play MMORPGs may be shocked at the depth this game has to offer. Besides in depth naval PvP, there’s a whole political system built in. Pirates of the Burning Sea also comes with an excellent soundtrack and high production value all around. New players may be overwhelmed due to the steep learning curve, but I’m looking forward to finally give the game a chance when it goes free to player later this year.
Captains of DarkTide Screenshot

Publisher: Silverlode Interactive
Onto the browser based MMORPGs! Browser gaming isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so I thought I’d break the ice with one that’s somewhere in the middle between client and browser based. Captains of DarkTide is developed by the same studio behind the MMORTS Saga. It was designed on Unity and runs via the Unity browser plug-in. It looks better than some client games, and makes use of the mouse and keyboard for control. Players pilot large vessels and can do battle with NPC ships, other sailors, or even with dragons and other monsters. There’s no land component to Captains of DarkTide, you’ll just have to keep sailing around. There are harbors scattered across the game world where players can resupply, hire new crew members, and so on.
Seafight Screenshot
Publisher: BigPoint
Not every pirate can play games from the comfort of his own home. Scallywags looking for booty at work or at the school library may have to turn to Seafight, one of Bigpoint’s most popular browser based MMORPGs. It’s a simple enough game, players start with a small ship and some ammo. Hunt whales, sea monsters, and eventually other players in pursuit of fame and wealth. Seafight is heavily PvP oriented and is structured much like Dark Orbit and Deepolis. Auto-navigation and missions given by NPCs give newbies a place to start, but before long it becomes the player’s duty to find a clan and venture into deeper waters.
Puzzle Pirates
Puzzle Pirates Screenshot
Publisher: Three Rings Design
How did this one make the list? Well perhaps you know a young lad or lass who isn’t quite ready to take to the seven seas yet. Puzzle Pirates is a great kids MMO that doesn’t require players to cut down redcoats or fire cannons. Instead, they’ll enjoy some simple puzzle themed minigames as they build up their crew and wealth. Not exactly the most exciting adventure, but Puzzle Pirates fills its niche. There is a subscription based component, but the free to play content should be enough to keep children entertained.
What’s your favorite pirate themed MMO or MMORPG? Are there any on this list that you play or used to play? Did I miss any pirate or sailing based games? Post your thoughts below.

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