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Blade & Soul: Rise of the Gunslinger Update is live

Blade & Soul - Gunslinger - News Image

The latest update to go live for Blade & Soul introduces an all-new class, the Gunslinger; a duel-wielding offensive monster that glides through the air via grappling hooks and unleashes incredible damage upon his foes. They are primarily a single-target DPS class that requires knowledge of intricate gunfire combos along with a reloading mechanic to deal flame or shadow based damage. Ideal for PVP and PVE, they are easy-to-learn but hard-to-master, ideal for newcomers or veterans alike. But that’s not all! Along with this, Blade & Soul: Rise of the Gunslinger update will also include a total overhaul to the crafting system, the return of the Tower of Memory and so much more.

Find out more about the update and the Gunslinger in our PAX preview video!

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