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Blackshot launches new Adventure patch

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The “Adventure Style” update is now live for Blackshot Europe.

The update introduces a new Search and Destroy Infinity map, “Tomb,” a new female character, Adventerous Isabelle, and two new weapons, the SMG MP7 Custom Type and the M1911 .45 Caliber.

Isabelle’s introduction is part of a new character model revamp, which not only offers her an improved character model, but also redesigns the US Airborne and German Army models as well.

Several events will be held during the first week of the update’s launch, including a 100% BP bonus in Tomb (until December 13), which will rotate to other maps afterward until December 20. Players who clock in three hours on Tomb by December 11 will earn a one-day HK416 Forest. Finally, players can look in the BlackBox for a chance for a Premium Weapon until December 24.

Blackshot is published by TwoWar.

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Hello Fans of BlackShot Europe,

You’ve so long awaited it and finally the new game contents “Adventure Style” will go live on BlackShot Europe at 8th of December!

Team TwoWar invites you to take a new adventure on “Tomb”, highly challenging new SD-I (Search and Destroy Infinity) map based on a concept different from all other existing SD maps. A brand-new SMG “MP7 Custom Type” together with “M1911 .45 Caliber” will be your faithful companions and lethal weapons against enemies throughout your new adventure.

One of the highlights in this month might be the introduction of a new woman character: Adventurous Isabelle! With a special deluxe magazine extension gear at her disposal, she will never run out of bullets to go through with her mission.

The greatest part of it is that Isabelle is coming with a completely revised character model and also the character models of the US Airborne and German Army will be revised accordingly for an improved and better game-play.

Besides new contents, a lot of system and game advancements will be made in this month as you, our players have requested to us.

So don’t stay away from the novelty! Hurry up to discover these fantastic contents like no others and also check out the special events we have prepared for you. Here an overview of the events.

Boost on Tomb

Get boosted by playing on this highly challenging new map. You will get 100% of BP Bonus during 5 days from the day of its launch!

After these 5 days, the 100% of BP Bonus will jump over every day from one map to another until December 20th.

Play 3 Hours on Tomb and Get a HK416 Forest

Everyone who plays for 3 hours on the new map Tomb between December 8th and 11th will be rewarded with a powerful weapon usable for 1 day.

BlackBox Special

From December 8th until the Holy Eve, you will have a superb chance to find another powerful Premium Weapon in the BlackBox every day. So don’t miss your chance for even one day!

For more details, please visit our event board on

Team TwoWar hopes that all of you appreciate our new contents release and have great fun in participating in the events.


Team TwoWar

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