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Blacklight Retribution releases Helodeck

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Perfect World Entertainment has released the new Helodeck map for Blacklight Retribution.

The new map features a close quarters map in a hangar array, based off the original training facility in the game. The team hints that LMGs and SMGs will excel in the battle zone. The map offers many raised positions for an overview of the field, and makes Hardsuits difficult to use due to the map’s fast pace.

Perfect World Entertainment also publishes Forsaken World and Rusty Hearts.

Blacklight Retribution Gameplay Screenshot


Announcing Blacklight’s first new map release since Live Launch – Helodeck! Helodeck is an intense close quarters combat map, which takes place in a hangar array that Agents may be familiar with during their time in the training facility.

Agents with shotguns, LMG’s and SMG’s built specifically for up close and personal engagements will excel in this area, as many encounters will take place in smaller, enclosed areas. There are also raised positions that allow for commanding views of several floors of the map. Calling down Hardsuits on this map will be challenging, due to the fast paced nature of this battlefield.

Log in and play a few rounds on this new map today!

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