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Magic World Online Overview

Magic World Online is an incredibly unique fantasy MMORPG with a boatload of features.  Each of the game’s four starting classes have twelve different job advancements, which adds up to a whopping forty-eight playable classes.  Players can own their own homes, hunt in instances and so much more.  Magic World Online markets itself as a “new concept MMORPG’ and it truly is, the game completely eliminates ‘gold sellers’, ‘botting’, and even ‘grinding’.  That’s right, you’ll never need to grind in Magic World Online to gain levels, and if you’re asking yourself, ‘how the heck is a this an MMOPRG if it does not have any grinding?’, you’ll need to download the game or read the full review to find out!

Starting Classes:

Warrior - Main tanking and offensive melee class.
Archer - Strong offensive capabilities with ranged attacks.
Mage - The primary offensive caster, can deal massive damage, but has low hit points and armor.
Summoner - Specialize in healing magic and summoning monsters to assist them in combat.

Magic World Online Screenshots

Magic World Online Feature Video


Full Review

Magic World Online Full Review

By Omer Altay

Magic World Online, or MWO for short, is an extremely content-rich, new MMORPG by ‘EnjoyMMO’.  The game’s graphics are similar to TQ Digital’s Eudemons Online, but the gameplay is completely different.  The game markets itself as a ‘new concept mmorpg’ and it isn’t lying, the game is one of the most unique MMORPGs I’ve had the opportunity of playing.  Why is it unique, you ask? Read on!

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Starting out
I was a bit excited before I even launched Magic World Online’s game client, because I just finished downloading the game and couldn’t help but notice the company behind the game literally slapped the catch phrase ‘new concept MMORPG’ everywhere they possibly could.  After logging in, I wasn’t initially impressed by the game’s character class selection screen, as the game only has four starting class and absolutely no customization, but at least the game gives me the option to select my gender (some games don’t even let you do that).  After logging in and playing around for a bit, I kept asking myself, “how on earth is this new concept MMORPG’?” I got my answer after I found the game’s build in botting program called “robot”.

3331  500x375 magic world online character selection

Did you just say BUILT IN Bot?
That’s right, I did.  If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘bot’ it’s a program or script that plays a game for you in order farm gold or level up your character without you being in front of the computer.  Magic World Online’s bot isn’t ‘half-assed’ either, it’s the best dang bot I’ve ever seen.  You can program the bot through the game’s interface to literally get you from level 1 to the game’s level cap without you ever having to spend more than a few minutes a day updating your bot’s settings.  When I say Magic World Online’s bot is the best bot I’ve ever seen, I can’t even begin to explain how powerful it is.  You can setup it up to use potions when your HP or MP gets low, to pick up all or certain loot from monsters or to cast use certain spells and skills while fighting.  While I was experimenting with the ‘robot system’, I found that the bot’s most impressive function was the ability to move my character back to town and sell the loot I collected, and repurchase HP and MP potions when my inventory was getting full and my potions running low.  The sheer amount of flexibility the bot has is incredible – the system even lets lets you enable ‘hit and run’ movement while fighting monsters which helps Mages and Archers, as their primary focus is damage from a distance.  If you ever happen to die, the robot system automatically realizes that you’ve been killed and simply runs your character back to your pre-configured grind spot and resumes killing monsters.

3365  500x375 magic world online robot form 2

If you can’t beat em’ , join em!
I’m not sure what exactly the reasoning was behind implementing a built in botting system in Magic World Online, but one theory I came up with was that they wanted to even the playing field.  Since every game has hackers and botters, it would be easier to give everyone the ability to ‘bot’ rather than trying to prevent certain people from doing it.  Even established games like Maplestory, Ragnarok Online and Last Chaos failed to completely eliminate hackers and botters after countless updates and player bans.  The approach Magic World Online is taking towards botting is certainly unique, as there is no incentive to download a third party tool to level your character for you, or even purchase money in the game online because the game already provides you the tools to do both of those things yourself.  The good thing about Magic World Online is that even though the combat itself is dull, the game offers a massive amount of features.

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Job Advancements
One aspect of Magic World Online that I really liked was sheer number of different job advancements.  You start off your journey in the game by selecting one of the game’s four starting classes – Mage, Warrior, Archer and Summoner.  Only four starting classes may be a turn off, but the fact is that the game has a whopping twelve different job advancements for each of the starting classes, so it adds up to a total of forty-eight different classes.  Players can advance their jobs at level 15, 30, 50 and 65.  I’m surprised other free MMORPGs don’t employ similar systems, as I’m tired of playing games that only have three or four starting classes.  Although Magic World Online did a phenomenal job of adding variety to the game by creating so many different job advancements, it did a horrible job translating their titles to English.

3381  500x375 classes mwo

Fear me, I’m a Dragonbaking Master!
One of Magic World Online’s job advancements for a Mage at level 65 is ‘Dragonbaking master’ and another is ‘Freezing Uranus’.  What on earth is a Dragonbaking master?  Are they some sort of experts at preparing dragon meat?  ‘Freezing Uranus’ is also an inexcusably ridiculous job advancement.  It is a bit more intimidating than ‘Dragonbaking master’, but it still doesn’t make much sense.  Another one of my favorites is the level 65 job advancement for an Archer: “Sunscreening Master”.  Are they supposed to be some sort of expert at applying sun screen?  I’m surprised that such horrible translations would get past quality control, as these they are simply laughable.  I don’t even want to get started with the game’s quest dialogue, as the translations are equally as poor.

3375  500x375 magic world online sun city

Player Housing
Another reason why Magic World Online should be considered a ‘new concept MMORPG’ is that the game has a player housing system.  Although Magic World Online wasn’t the first game to pioneer the housing system, the fact is that is that not a lot of MMORPGs have one, and it’s a welcome change to see one in Magic World Online.  Players can design their homes themselves, decorate it with furniture, and even hire housekeepers and maids to maintain it for you.  The system isn’t exactly perfect, as houses really don’t serve much of a purpose, but the fact that it has a housing system is definitely a plus.

Final Verdict: Good
Even though Magic World Online’s graphics are dated, the game more than makes up with its incredible amount of unique features.  The game is by no means perfect but it’s definitely fair to label it as a ‘new concept MMORPG.’


Magic World Online Screenshots


Magic World Online Videos

Magic World Online Trailer


Magic World Online Gameplay Video


Magic World Online Gameplay Video 2


Magic World Online Steals Zelda Music [Actual game music, Haha!]



Magic World Online Links

Magic World Online Official Site

System Requirements

Magic World Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: XP /Vista / WIN ME /2000
CPU: 800 MHz Pentium 2
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 4.8 GB
Graphics Card:  32 MB VGA Card with 3D acceleration
DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows  XP /Vista / WIN ME /2000
CPU: 1.0 GHz Pentium 3
RAM: 256 MB or more
HDD: 4.8 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: Nvidia GF2 32 MB or better VGA Card
DirectX: 9.0c or better

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