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The transition from Webzen to VALOFE has officially started for MU Legend players. MU Legend is now officially published and operated by VALOFE, after years of service by Webzen. However, these players won’t have to start over, with the migration of service beginning. There will of course, be new content updates and events that come with the migration. Thankfully, players can still use their existing accounts for this Migration Service, and the pre-migration began on October 22nd, 2019. This service will be offered until November 19th, 2019. Those who do take part will also be rewarded with a variety of items. These include a 30-day Premium Pass, 10 Soul Potion 1,000%, 10 Shiny Weapon Enchantment, 10 Shiny Armor Enchantment, 5 Red Imprint Scroll, 5 Soul Stone(Mythic) and 2 Level 80 Armor Set Boxes.

Interested parties can click the link below to begin the process.

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