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Lost Saga Overview

The action-packed online fighting game returns with new Premium characters, regular content updates, and close collaboration with the title’s developer to bring fighting fans the best beat-em-up game online!

LOST SAGA brings together heroes from fantasy, history, and sci-fi in an epic brawl for glory. Players can choose from over 50 unique heroes and level up and customize their skills. Fighters can be subbed in the middle of a battle, tag-team style, to create favorable matchups or initiate multi-character combos. Up to 16 players can participate in a variety of game modes while battling on treacherous terrain.

Since its original launch, the game has been updated with new content, and built out a plan to deliver an outstanding lineup of new and well known characters to join the game’s pantheon of fighters through regularly scheduled content updates. Get ready to experience a new chapter of LOST SAGA!


PANTHEON OF HEROES: Over 50 Heroes to choose from with new Heroes continually added. From shadow assassins to cowboys, unlock melee, ranged, magic & special attack fighters.

EPIC PREMIUM HEROES: New Heroes from your favorite fighting games are joining Lost Saga! The first Premium Hero, Iori Yagami from King of Fighters, is now available. Premium Heroes offer a new player experience but do not confer special powers or unbalance gameplay.

NEW CONTENT: New Heroes, levels, and modes are available with more coming. So far, 2 new modes, 15 Heroes, and 5 new maps have been added.

MULTI-HERO COMBOS: Switch Heroes in mid-combo to chain creatively devastating attacks.

LEVEL UP: In addition to player ranks, each Hero can be leveled up through gameplay. Gain levels to unlock Upgrade Points to increase that Hero’s attributes.

CRAZY SKILLS: Teleport, fire cannons, headbutt enemies, throw your hat, and more!

STEAL EQUIPMENT: Knock off an enemy’s equipment in a match and claim it for your own use!

CUSTOMIZE: Mix & match different Helms, Armor, and Trinkets to customize your Hero.

MULTIPLE MODES: From Team Match to Boss Raid to the new 2D fighting game-style Champion Mode, find new ways to play.

Lost Saga New Characters!

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Lost Saga – First Look – Refresher

Full Review

Lost Saga Updated Review (WeMade USA)

By Taylor Lux

6 620x373

Have you ever wondered how a battle between an archer, Indiana Jones, a ninja, a pirate, Star Wars’ Storm Troopers, a fireball wielding mage, and a world champion boxer all at an abandoned construction site would turn out? WeMade Entertainment’s Lost Saga is your chance to do exactly that! This player versus player centric 3d brawler is rather unique due to the sheer number of different heroes you can play. Although it ends up rather complex, the number of actual keys you use is quite small. You have very minimal use of the mouse, usually only getting you into a room to brawl, and then arrow keys, A, S, and D are your only keys you need to fight with your hero. In one room, up to 16 players can play against each other at once.

Generously Giving General Genres

I must say that I was impressed with the expansive amount of different genres that encompassed the ranks of Lost Saga. It has everything from Paladins and Mages from high fantasy, to Infantry Men and Quarterbacks from a modern setting, to even a Cyber medic and a Storm Trooper from Sci-Fi genre, and even Pirates, Ninjas, and Treasure Hunters. Each has their own special abilities, tactics, and combos that they can utilize to make diverse characters while still only utilizing the same 3 buttons and movement keys. They do have a “training area” that you can try out new heroes and get to know each character with a tutorial.

1 620x403

Each character can be unlocked for a certain amount of time, only 2 and 10 hours in game are for free unless you happen to be rather lucky with the random chance to get one permanent which is usually only reserved for those who use the micro transactions. There are small usually rather easy quests you can do to unlock heroes or get a bit of extra cash. Sadly, you have an overall rank that dictates which characters you can purchase on your own, unlocking a new character each rank that is furthered so you get rather familiar with the first ones quickly as it starts to drag how long it takes to advance in rank. However, if you are good at luck, the same chance of getting a character can give you various amount of time on a character that you do not have access to due to your rank, though typically only for 2 hours and it’s a random draw on which one you get.

On top of having an overall rank that dictates your purchasable characters, each hero has their own level. When your character levels up, you can spend 2 points, 1 point to lower the cool down of a special power or 2 points to raise your attack, defense, movement speed, or reduce the amount of damage you take while falling. It takes a certain amount of time even after selecting what you raise for the upgrade to take place. This adds some customization to your characters so not every pirate is the same as another one.

5 620x453

Yoink! Your Hat Looks So Good on Me!

One interesting mechanic that Lost Saga has going for it is that the 4 abilities are linked to their equipment: Weapon, Armor, Headgear, and Accessory. If your Treasure Hunter is in a battle and deals significant damage to his Quarterback, your opponent slowly loses his equipment which you can pick up to gain his abilities. This means you can have your Lancer have a Ninja Mask in a football uniform and have a jetpack just in case. It gets more intriguing because either through quest rewards or the in game currency or micro transaction stores (though it seems somewhat expensive) you can equip your Cybermedic with a Fire Mage’s hat and teleport without needing to go against a Fire Mage and have him drop his hat.


Game Modes

Lost Saga started off with very few gaming modes to offer when it was launched; however, that has since expanded to a decent array of different modes that have since been added. Modes like one player becoming the “Boss” and all the other characters must fight together to defeat him, and once the Boss is defeated, the highest contributor in defeating the last boss becomes the new one and this continues until a timer runs out. Other modes include a one on one fighting area where spectators can bet on who’s going to win the battle, a destroy the other team’s object where attacking your own object heals it, keep possession of a crown for as long as you can and the first team to keep it on for a certain period wins.

8 620x465

Naturally, they have very classic modes like one for all and regular team battles where the players attempt to reach a score of 100, but the amount of players on the opposing team dictates how much each kill is worth, the more players on a team the lower each scores. They also have an optional rule that I enjoyed, switch up teams. Every time you start a new round, your teams get switched up so you are never going against the same people twice. Your ally this round could be your opponent in the following round. It kept things fun for me because one team might dominate this round, but with the teams constantly switching, the next round was nearly a clean slate for both sides.

Gone Fishin’

A note that Lost Saga is about 95% pvp oriented, but there is a cooperative opportunity and a bit of social opportunities offered as well in the game. They have one cooperative mode, Crusader Mode, which pits players versus skeleton versions of the various heroes. Once the players have climbed 20 stories and defeated a major boss, they complete the mode. There are three different difficulties that correspond to how many players can be on the team.

Fishing 620x347

They also have some two social modes that can be used to gain some extra money without jumping into combat. These two are fishing (which is rather passive) and relic hunting where you take something akin to a metal detector and scan for objects that can be sold for cash. These both are passive enough that one can easily hold conversations and be social; however, the pvp focused nature of the game does not allow for much socialization in my experience. Any conversations in the pvp ends up being people complaining about various players spamming or teams being uneven and people loling at opponents falling off the side of the map.

Verdict: Great! (if you enjoy pvp)

The only two major issues I had with Lost Saga was the lack of social ties with the community and locking out heroes when it takes so long for them to be able to unlock them. The amount of heroes available and the amount of different modes that you can use your heroes with were outstanding. There’s a pvp mode for everyone, and being someone who generally dislikes pvp in pve centric games, I found a few modes that were enjoyable. I believe the main thing that made me enjoy it as someone who generally stays away from pvp is all the different modes it has. Some people enjoy the very basic team versus team bash, which was sometimes fun, but can get old rather fast. With all the different modes, if I wanted more of a cooperative day, I could play Boss mode or Crusade. If I feel confident about my abilities, Champion mode is there for me. If every game had as much selection of various pvp options, I would probably enjoy them more; however, this is a page that pve games should take a look into incorporating into their games to expand their pvp side.

Lost Saga Original Review

By, Omer Altay

Lost Saga is an incredibly unique 3D Fighting MMO published by OG Planet. Gameplay-wise, Lost Saga plays out a lot like games like Rumble Fighter and Splash Fighters, with two exceptions – it’s a lot more chaotic, and much more fluid. Think of Lost Saga as a 3D super smash brothers MMO (with more chaos), and some interesting MMO elements. Choose from one of over nine playable ‘heroes’ ranging from the generic fantasy ‘Fire Mage’, to the more modern gun-wielding ‘Infantryman’, and duke it out online with up to 16 players at once across numerous game modes.

18323  500x375 lost saga hq tutorial

Starting Out

Immediately after logging into Lost Saga for the first time – players are given the option of completing a short yet informative tutorial. The tutorial only takes a few minutes to complete and is well worth checking out before proceeding to join a game. All players start off their adventures in Lost Saga as a Shadow Assassin, one of the game’s many playable heroes, and must first ‘unlock’ the other characters before being able to play them. The good thing is that none of the game’s heroes are exactly ‘over powered’, so even though most players won’t have access to the higher tier characters right away, the game is still fairly balanced. Anyways, right after completing the tutorial players should go ahead and join their first game by selecting the ‘battle’  button on the bottom-left corner of the screen. I recommend joining a ‘team match’ game first, as players respawn right away after dying.  This makes it the most newbie friendly of the game modes.

18318  500x375 lost saga helipad main

Extremely Chaotic

Lost Saga is an extremely chaotic fighting game. It’s fairly fast-paced and supports to up 16 players at once. Nearly all of the game’s maps are fairly small as well, and the fact that most of the game’s heroes have at least one ‘area-of-effect’ skill further fuels the chaotic nature of the game. Another aspect of the game that makes it all the more intense is that every single one of the game’s 9+ playable heroes have four different skills, so at any given time there’s almost always a Shadow Assassin hidden somewhere in the shadows waiting to ambush a player, or a Fire Mage up front casting some devastating area of effect spells. While playing, try to knock enemies off of the map, as falling off the map deals A LOT of damage to a player. Personally, after playing many slow-paced fighting MMOs like Rumble Fighter and Splash Fighters, I find that the hectic nature of Lost Saga is quite fun.

18283  500x375 lost saga chaos

Unlocking New Heroes

All players in Lost Saga start off with access to only a single hero (the “Shadow Assassin”), but can quickly unlock the other heroes by playing the game for a bit. I was able to unlock the “Iron Knight” class after a single “Team Match” game, and the “Fire Mage” after four “Team Match” games, so unlocking new heroes doesn’t take that long. Do keep in mind that although new heroes have to be purchased in the game’s store with Pesos (the game’s currency) in order to be used, every time a new hero is unlocked for the first time players are rewarded with ’2 hours’ of free game time with that hero. After those two hours are up, you’ll need to purchase additional time with that hero in the game’s store. It’s not a bad system, as most people won’t play as every single hero, but rather only a handful of them. Personally, I only liked playing as Iron Knight and Infantryman, so I could spend my money on purchasing time only for those heroes rather than all of them. The first two hours with each hero is free, so players will have plenty of time to try them all out and see which they like the best. Also, keep in mind that unlike games like Combat Arms and Wolfteam, (where players purchase items for X amount of days, the timer beginning immediately after the purchase), the hero time in Lost Saga only counts the time spent actually playing the game and that particular hero, not time spent logged off or in the chat lobby.

18293  500x375 lost saga cowboy

Enormous amounts of customization / Variety

Perhaps the most notable feature in Lost Saga is the game’s customization options and variety. Every single one of the game’s many heroes each level-up/earn experience independently from one another based on how often and how effective they were used in a single match. Every time a player dies, they can choose to spawn as a new hero, so if the enemy team has a bit too many fire mages or Infantryman it may be a wise decision to respawn as a Shadow Assassin and ambush them from behind with stealth. As players earn experience for their heroes and level them up they can further customize them by purchasing them new clothing, as well as use up ‘upgrade points’ earned by leveling up on decreasing skill cooldowns or boosting attributes (Attack, Defense, Speed and Dexterity). Every single hero has their own skills and attributes, so try to level the heroes you’re good with rather than all of them at once. Each hero feels distinctly different as well, so it’s hard to get bored of Lost Saga. If you’re tired of playing as a Knight, try the Cowboy or Boxing Champ hero. The developers are constantly working on releasing more heroes as well, so in terms of overall content and variety, Lost Saga scores quite well.

18320  500x375 lost saga hero skills

Even more Variety!

One incredibly interesting aspect of Lost Saga that I feel adds a lot of depth to the game is that players can pick up weapons and equipment from other players that they defeat, or their allies defeat. The equipment you pick up can change which skills your character has, which makes for some really interesting combination. If I’m playing as a Shadow Asssassin and I pick up, say, a Wizard’s Hat, I’ll lose my own ‘hat throw’ ability but gain the Fire Mage’s teleport skills. Let’s say I’m teleporting around and killing people as a weird Fire Mage/Shadow Assassin combo, and I also drop my Assassin claws for an Infantryman’s rifle.  Now I’m running around with the Stealth ability of an Assassin, the teleport ability of a Fire Mage, and the ranged attack of an Infantryman. Of course, in order to pick up a weapon from a dead player, you need to drop yours first, but this whole mix-and-match-pick-up-dead-people’s-equipment system is a really quite awesome. My favorite mix of items was the Knight’s gear plus an Infantryman’s gun, as it allowed me to have incredibly high defense as well as a powerful ranged attack. Keep in mind, though – if you die, you’ll respawn as one of the default classes again.

18305  500x375 lost saga floor

Few Game Modes

Even though my favorite game modes in Lost Saga was ‘Team Match’.  The game has a few other modes worth mentioning. Team Match has two team (red and blue), and whichever team reaches a certain amount of kills first wins. Death Match is exactly like Team Match, but without the teams. Prisoner Mode plays out like Team Match except without respawns (Think Counter-Strike). Lastly, the “Boss Raid” gameplay mode involves all players on one team against one tough computer controlled ‘boss’ on the other. One of my only major complaints with Lost Saga is that there aren’t more game modes. I mean, come on – how hard could it have been to program a few extra modes? Game modes like “King of the Hill” and “Capture the Flag”, for example, should have definitely been included.

18309  500x375 lost saga game image

Final Verdict – Great

Lost Saga is without a doubt one of the best fighting MMOs out there. The sheer amount of customization and variety, as well as genuinely fun gameplay makes Lost Saga a must-play for anyone into the whole ‘fighting’ MMO genre. Do keep in mind though, the gameplay is extremely chaotic and likely won’t appeal to everyone, though I still suggest that anyone who hasn’t played Lost Saga yet to at least check it out. What are you waiting for? Give Lost Saga a try!


Lost Saga Videos

Lost Saga 2013 Trailer

Lost Saga – First Look – Refresher

Lost Saga Gameplay Video


Lost Saga Feature Video


Lost Saga 2013 Trailer


Lost Saga Links

Lost Saga Official Site

System Requirements

Lost Saga System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.2 Ghz or AMD 1600+
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 900 MB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce4 Ti 4200 or ATI Radeon 9000

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz
RAM: 512 MB Free
HDD: 900 MB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce FX5200 or ATI Radeon 9250

Bright Shadow

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