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ARGO Online is a 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG that mixes steampunk and fantasy elements. Earth lies in ruins after the fourth world war and two factions vie for control of the rare mineral Earthdium. ARGO features large PvP battlegrounds, challenging raids, and varied classes.

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Publisher: UserGames
Playerbase: Small
Graphics: Medium
Type: MMORPG with TPS Elements
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Yes – Guild Wars, Faction Wars, and Arenas.
Filesize: ~4.75GB

Pros: +Eight classes per faction. +Varied PvP modes. +Raid instances. +Unique setting, fight with guns, swords, and spells. +Class, adventure, and nation skill trees. +Great character customization. +Plenty of quests. +Pet system. +TPS Hybrid Elements.

Cons: -Gameplay feels very similar to other MMORPGs. -Shop item selection limited. -Lots of grinding necessary. -Generic names for enemies. -Auto Botting System. -PvE feels too easy.

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ARGO Online Overview

ARGO Online is set in the future, a future where the world lies in ruins in the aftermath of World War 4. The two races that emerged from the ashes, the Noblians and the Floressia, have been in constant warfare ever since. Their struggle is over a rare mineral called Earthdium. The game world of ARGO mixes standard fantasy elements with a Steampunk feel. This means players will be armed with swords, spells, and plasma guns. Mounts include wild beasts, and motorcycles. The game is developed by the Korean company MGame and is already live in Korea. Argo Online is a full fledged MMORPG with instanced raids for groups and guilds to tackle, varied PvP modes including battlegrounds where hundreds of players can participate, and a back-story that will help keep gamers immersed. The game has a solid character customization options, plenty of classes, and varied skills.

Factions: Floresslahs (mystical) or Noblians (steampunk)

Classes: Cavalier, Bounty Hunter, Alchemist, Medic, Assassin, Guardian, Animist, Mage

Taurus and Warrior – Equipped with a long spear as primary weapon to quickly defeat enemies. Their wide variety of offensive skills can slow down their effectiveness at times.

Defender and Protector – This class is good in defensive battles with the ability to protect their party when under attack. They are usually armed with a sword.

Elementarist and Scholar – Uses a pistol to deal high levels of damage despite its below average defense attributes.

Warlock and Bombers – Considered as the long ranged class toting heavy artillery to take out multiple opponents.

Sagittarius and Explorer – Also part of the long range class armed with a rifle.

Rogue and Chaser – Associated with the melee class. These soldiers execute swift blows using a Double Sword.

Shaman and Paladin – Possesses a variety of command and support skills to destroy foes. As a hybrid class it also has the ability to summon monsters for assistance.

Druid and Priest – This class has strong recovery and aura skills. They possess the ability to summon monsters as well.

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Argo Online Relaunch Review

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)




Argo Online introduces itself as a Hybrid MMORPG. It was originally released in North America and Europe in 2011, but was closed down in 2013. It was then re-released in 2014 by Mgame and Usergame. The game features a unique technology versus nature theme, with two factions fighting for the two forces. The technology in the game resembles steampunk and dieselpunk, so should attract fans of the genres. It seems that Argo has all its needs to be a fun game.




Customization in Argo Online is fairly impressive. There’s four archetypes, with eight total classes, for each faction – that means there’s a total of sixteen classes available to play. The archetypes are your typical healers, damage dealers, specialist, etc… When creating your character, you are given a large number of options thanks to the plethora of sliders that can be used. I took it upon myself to create something odd, just like I usually do in a game that has such diverse customization.



Meet my albino-midget Scholar.


As your character progresses in the levels, you’ll get points to spend in your skill tree. There are several different trees (Class, Adventure, Nation, and Production) you can level up, and each one uses a different type of points. When you level up, you get class points which you spend in your class tree to further customize your character. Your gear also offers a decent amount of customization as well. So, you won’t be lacking any ability to make yourself unique, from character creation to the end game.




To be honest, the graphics are not the best. Even at the highest resolution and highest graphic settings, they seemed to be lacking. They resemble something I would see in a game from the early 2000′s rather than one that came out in 2010. The biggest issue, for me, were the world textures, as they seemed to be generic and lacking in almost every location I visited. The characters themselves were not too bad, but almost everything else was.


For some people, the low quality of the graphics might be a plus. It means that older computers can play the game with no problem, even on “high” settings. The download isn’t that big (only 4.75GB), either. So, if you’re looking for a low-spec 3D MMORPG with a smallish download, this game will be a boon for you. In the end, I’ve got to say that I wasn’t pleased with Argo’s graphics, but even I can admit that low-quality graphics have their merits.




The controls of Argo Online are typical for an MMORPG. WASD movement, lots of left and right clicking, and various keybinds (I for inventory, C for character sheet, etc..). Something that is a bit odd, but not unheard of, is that A and D are used to turn your character, but you can also hold down right mouse button to do the same. Most games tend to have A and D strife-run your character rather than actually turn it. This makes it a lot easier to move your character, as you only have to use one hand for all movement, so I actually liked it a lot once I got used to it. The controls, in general, were very responsive and smooth, and I never noticed any issues.


One thing I noticed early on was that I could switch to “Third Person shooter” or TPS mode using the T key. I suppose this is why Argo calls itself a “Hybrid MMO.” The TPS Mode was alright, but I generally found myself asking “Why bother?” as the combat in general wasn’t very fun (but I’ll get into this later on in the review). I do appreciate the additional option of playing the game in a sort of “Third-person shooter” mode.




The community in Argo, at least for now, seems to not be very large. This may be due to the fact that not much advertising has been done for the re-release of the game yet. What bits of the community I did see, were generally helpful. I didn’t notice any trolling going on, which was a surprise. Usually in an MMORPG, even with a smaller playerbase, a lot of trolling goes on. In general, I would say Argo Online has a decent community.




Argo Online has given me some mixed feelings in the gameplay department. On the one hand, I enjoy the settings a LOT, I found myself being sucked into the story and lore (which is extremely rare for an MMORPG), and I liked the amount of customization a lot. However, on the other hand, I dislike games that have botting systems and I wasn’t a fan of the combat. So there was a lot of ups-and-downs as I played. In the end, I would say I enjoyed my stay in Argo Online, but not as much as I could have.


The questing was typical of an MMORPG. A lot of kill X of Y for Z reward and delivery quest that had you running back and forth. There are several types of quests, such as story and adventure. I did enjoy the story behind some of the quests, as it helped me get into the interesting post-apocalyptic world that is Argo Online. However, I often found myself bored to the point that I just wanted to log out while doing quests. Overall, my questing experience could have been a lot more fun if more thought and innovation had went into Argo’s questing development, but I get the feeling the developers just got lazy and went with the same formula that’s been used in MMOs for over a decade.


As I mentioned earlier in the review, I’m not a big fan of the combat in Argo Online. Even using the TPS Mode, combat is still a bit boring. You can try to hide it all you like, but in the end it’s still just the same point-and-click combat system that is used in almost every single MMO and, at this point, I’m getting quite bored of it. It doesn’t help that a majority of the monsters you kill for quests are absolutely trash – you can kill them with the bare minimum of effort. Because of this, the only difficulty you’ll find in the game is when doing instances/boss battles or PVP. This isn’t exactly shocking, as almost every other MMORPG out there is the exact same way, but I can’t help but be put off by it.


Crafting was also very generic. You get a recipe, you find the components, and then you make an item. I honestly didn’t spend much time with this part of the game, as I generally find crafting to be boring in most games. After experiencing it during the “tutorial” quests early on in the game, I tried to stay away from it whenever I could later on. If you enjoy crafting in games like World of Warcraft or Runes of Magic, you’ll probably find crafting in Argo interesting.




There’s a fairly large number of methods to take part in player-versus-player content. Ranging from Guild Wars, to Field Wars, to the Arena. Field Wars is probably one of the more interesting PVP methods, in my opinion. It’s where you fight over Earthdium (the most important resource in this post-apocalyptic Earth) by fighting off enemies and destroying their mining equipment. There’s also a guild territory control system, where guilds can capture castles to tax regions of the world for profit and items. As well as owning castles, guilds can also build guild houses for various bonuses. It’s all pretty interesting and it makes PVP and guilds a couple of the few saving graces of the game.




Conclusion: Good

Argo Online is a mixed bagged. Its graphics are dated, its gameplay generic, but the PVP is fun and the story interesting. There are a few interesting features, such as guild houses and castle ownership. I personally did not enjoy the combat, even with the third-person shooter mode that was available, but I’m sure there are people out there that will find the system very fun. All-in-all, I would say you should give Argo Online a shot if you’re looking for an interesting Steampunk Versus Nature themed game with lower computer spec requirements.


If not for some of the more generic features, this game would have been 4/5 for me. As it is, I think it would only be interesting to a smaller niche playerbase.

ARGO Online Review

By Ange Perdu

ARGO Online is a 3D fantasy themed MMORPG set on Earth in the distant future. After a devastating war only two races are left the Noblians and the Floresslahs. The Noblians are humans of noble blood descendants that have been hiding underground but now emerging. They believe that technology is the key to reconstructing a better planet and will destroy anyone or thing that gets in their way. The Floresslahs are a mystical tribe connected with nature. They believe the Noblians are evil seeking to destroy the beauty of the land. Their mission is to protect the Earth by all costs and try to keep the precious resource Earthdium out of the Noblians’ hands. In the game players choose their faction and begin their test to become a true warrior. Complete an endless assortment of challenging quests, go on adventures, explore, kill monsters, enemies, and battle other players to prove your worthiness as a hero. Acquire a pet to assist in brawls or participate in large-scale faction based resource wars.

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Path of Technology or Nature, the Gameplay

In ARGO Online players must choose their path. Whether it’s the way of the high-tech Noblians or the nature loving Floresslahs the journey is relatively the same. Most of the gameplay involves completing quests. Young heroes start out with an assortment of missions divided into a series of tests to determine their ability to become a warrior. Kill wild beasts roaming the plains. Sneak into enemy camps to steal supply boxes and fight suspicious imposters. Once completed players continue tackling missions as an official soldier dedicated to their faction. There are literally thousands of tasks for warriors to accomplish. Users accept quests by clicking on various NPCs stationed throughout the villages. Some of the tasks can be quite challenging. Missions like collecting Boahkure’s leather in the Gentlebreeze Plains or eradicating the big wolf terrorizing a farm consist of traditional RPG monster killing. In ARGO Online players also have more complex tasks like fixing a broken generator or an adventure quest such as finding missing journal fragments. Although the game features an interactive map complete with monster radar there is no auto movement. Walking miles to get from one area to another can be time consuming and frustrating. If a player dies they have to start back from their original point. One of the coolest features in the game is the innovative beast and mechanical mounts that players can use to travel through the world. Unfortunately, they are not available until much later in the game. It takes a lot of grinding and questing to progress enough to access the fun stuff.

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Skills of a Warrior

Players have to battle a wide variety of monsters from wild apes to aggressive trees. The game is somewhat similar to Allods Online where characters are allowed to fight using magical skills and firearms. As players level up new skills are added to the character’s skill tree. Once prompted users can simply click to master various techniques. Moves like Disease Saturation, Chi Protection, Burstfire Missiles, Brain Damage, and Rapid Fire can be executed while fighting. Depending on a warrior’s level and class the moves will vary. During skirmishes with beasts or human foes players simply press the designated keys for attacking or a particular skill. Most battles are fast paced. Sometimes multiple enemies will ambush heroes. Players have to shoot and use every magical trick in their skill book to take them down.

40713  500x375 argo online k

Loyal Companions & War

To participate in PvP battles heroes must reach level 10 and to enter the resource wars level 20 or higher. Rewards for defeating a monster or foe can include XP, gold, or rare item. Resource wars are faction based much like RF Online. Players only fight against their opposing faction with main objective of accumulating the most valuable item on the planet Earthdium. Large groups of players are able to ride in the same vehicle on battlegrounds. Another feature implemented into ARGO is the ability to possess pets. To acquire a pet similar to most items in the game is done through questing. Completing the pet quest will enable a loyal companion to accompany heroes on their adventure. Pets can learn fighting skills and assist in skirmishes.

40722  500x375 argo online molting plains

Shopping in the Auction House

There are a variety of NPC shops scattered through the villages. The item selection in the shops is limited. Many of them only provide supplies, potions, food, and skill books. Players with pets have to frequently stock up on various pet attacks and magical techniques along with food. Slaying monsters, enemies, or completing certain quests often reward players with armor or artillery. Warriors have to depend on luck to snag high powered guns or swords. Items can also be traded with other heroes in the Auction House. There’s no charge to bid on items in the auction but to sell things it requires a fee.

The game features great character customization. Players have control of every small detail about their warrior’s appearance from the chin size to the contour of the face.

Final Verdict: Good

ARGO Online has massive potential to be a great game. Fight an assortment of monsters, complete challenging quests, face off in PvP combat, and go on an adventure in a futuristic world with your friends. There are still a few kinks that need to be worked out but players will still find it to be thoroughly entertaining. It features a cool mixture of sci-fi fantasy and steampunk. Comparable to games like Allods Online and RF Online it’s definitely worth playing.


ARGO Online Screenshots


ARGO Online Videos

ARGO Online Official Teaser Trailer

ARGO Story Intro

ARGO Noblian Faction

ARGO Floresslah Faction

System Requirements

ARGO Online Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Pentium 4 @ 2.8gHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce 6600 or better
VRAM: 256MB or more
RAM: 512 MB
HDD Space: 6 GB
DirectX: 9.0c or later

Recommended Specification:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Intel Core Duo @ 2.3gHz or higher
GPU: GeForce 9400 GT or better
VRAM: 512MB or more
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD Space: 10 GB
DirectX: 9.0c or later

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