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War of Angels open beta begins November 23

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Neowiz’s global version of War of Angels ended its closed beta testing last night, and has now announced that it will begin its open beta testing on November 23rd.

Closed beta character information and other data will be wiped before open beta; however, open beta will not have a wipe before the official launch. There’s no word on how long the open beta is expected to last. For more info about the game, check our War of Angels page.

Neowiz also publishes non-English versions of Alliance of Valiant Arms and S4 League.

War of Angels Gameplay Screenshot


War of Angels Open Beta Test Schedule!
No.939 / 19:36 Nov 12, 2010

Sign up for an account to participate in the Open Beta Test!

[Open Beta Test Schedule]
Open Beta Test : November 23, 2010
(Server Open : 24 hours)

* Please be informed that your CBT character information and data will be deleted.

However, account data of CBT and your OBT character information will NOT be deleted even after the beta test.

Thank you.

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