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MapleStory Rise: Burning World Trailer

via press release

Off the heels of the recent Rise: Promise of the Guardian update, iconic MMORPG, MapleStory, is kicking off the second part of its massive summer update with Rise: Surge of Power. Beginning July 22, Maplers can participate in the Burning World event, and continue Rise events.
Through the Burning World event, players can create up to 3 Mega Burning characters. Until September 17, Maplers will receive a variety of perks for quick growth and rapidly increase a total of 3 levels every time they level up, up to level 150.

Players can also gain even more Rise Coins through new Rise Events, including:

  • Eileen’s Support Event: Complete ‘Eileen’s Support’ quest to obtain ‘Eileen’s Support’ skill. The skill activates when hunting monsters near a player’s level. As players eliminate monsters to reach training goals, they will obtain a heap of Rise Coins.
  • Daria’s Gift Event: Starting August 5th, complete ‘Daria’s Gift’ quest to obtain the ‘Mysterious Magical Pouch’ skill. The skill automatically activates when eliminating monsters near a player’s level filling up the Mysterious Magical Pouch with magic. When the Mysterious Magical Pouch is filled, it releases powerful energy attacking nearby monsters. Each time the energy is released, Rise Coins will be obtained.
  • Rise Coin Express: From August 5th, Maplers level 101 and higher can participate in the ‘Rise Coin Express’ event once a day, and up to 10 times per world. The event will only run for 10 days and Maplers will be given 1,000 Rise Coins on the final day.

Beginning on August 12, players can investigate a new area in Arcane River called Yum Yum Island. Located near the Chu Chu Island region, players level 215 and above will meet Bappy and set out on an adventure to investigate the secrets of the creatures in Yum Yum Island.

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