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Das Tal

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  • Tacos Buenos

    Das Tal May 31 Alpha PvP Video

    This video showcases the intense PvP of Das Tal

    I’m afraid that gameplay footage does not do this game
    justice. To the casual observer the gameplay is skittish and extremely
    fast-paced and, in a word, overwhelming. There is so much happening in every
    frame that there’s no way to understand what’s going on and the video gets
    tuned out and is unappreciated for the sheer amount of heart-pounding action
    that the game entails. At least, that’s how I felt when I watched DT vids. Some
    crucial aspects of the game that gets lost in the video are the amount of battlefield
    awareness that is required at every moment and the critical precision of

    A couple helpful tips when watching: try to follow my cursor
    (you’ll be able to see where my focus lies and what I’m doing to help the
    fight) and the big white circle that follows me is an AoE heal (I think
    technically it’s an AoE HoT.. or a HOT AOE)

    I’m excited for this new game on the horizon: full loot PvP
    (you keep what you kill), skill-based combat (aiming is critical, friendly fire
    is off, no “Tab-Targetting”), and changing worlds (At some point the
    game is “Over,” the world resets and different rulesets can be

Das Tal
Fairytale Distillery
3D MMO RPG Fantasy
Das Tal is a sandbox MMORPG focused on PvP and player interaction. With an open world, Das Tal aims to eliminate the grind and pay-to-win of other games while keeping the game exciting for adult gamers and PvPers.
Das Tal, Fairytale Distillery, MMO, PvP, Fantasy, Sandbox, Kickstarter, b2p, buy to play, retail
Das Tal Game Profile Banner
Windows 7, Windows 8
3D MMO RPG Fantasy