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The Exiled Announces Final Alpha Test

Fairytale Distillery has announced the dates for The Exiled‘s final alpha test.

The final alpha will run from December 1 through December 21, and will be available all hours and days during the test. Players can gain access to the test by signing up as an Alpha tester before November 15 or by buying a Development Supporter Pack.

The final alpha will feature “connected, dying game worlds” – multiple game worlds that support up to 150 concurrent players across multiple server locations. These worlds must be defended by an active player base, else they will dye off and migrate their players to another server as refugees. These elements will lead to a global clan and leaderboard system as well as shifting political systems across servers.

There will be many additional game performance and quality of life enhancements, including a redesigned user interface, tweaks to game balance, improvements in render performance and much more. Find out more in the latest developer blog.

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