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Planet of Heroes Beta Updates Announced

Fast Forward Studios and have announced that its mobile MOBA, Planet of Heroes, will begin its next beta test today, November 2.

This next closed beta phase will run until November 20, welcoming player feedback to prepare the game for launch. The beta will also include a significant new update that introduces a new user interface, integrated Facebook invitations, and automated iOS10 streaming.

Players will also be able to welcome a new hero: Candy. Candy is a ranged physical damage dealer designed for long distance ambushes. Her skills are:

  • Shock Balls: Throw 13 balls in the selected area that explode when enemies run up on them. If the enemy blows up 3 balls in a row, he will be stunned.
  • Slide: Slide in the selected direction, and then accelerate for 2 seconds. During Slide the hero avoids enemy projectiles and spells.
  • Supersonic Ball: Launches the ball which flies in a straight line and explodes when it hits a hero, a neutral monster or at the end of its flight path. Damage increases the further Supersonic balls travels.
  • Strikeout: After using 3 abilities the hero gets the champion ball, enhancing the next Supersonic ball or 3rd basic attack and inflicting additional damage.

For more info, check out the patch notes!

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