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Myth War II adds Shapeshifting Potions

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New Shapeshifting Potions have made their way into the inventories of NPCs and players in Myth War II.

These new potions can  be found by killing monsters, alone or in teams, from specific NPCs at the entrance to the Pet Lair, and from the Item Mall. They will change a player’s attributes and resistance stats, based on the form they shape shift into. This lets players choose what potion is best for each situation.

Myth War II is published by IGG, which publishes several other games including Angels Online, Dreamland Online, Zu Online, and Freesky Online.

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Myth War II Online: Shapeshifting System Wonder

In Myth War II Online(, players are given a wide range of options when it comes to picking one class for their characters. 8 classes are available, including Paladins, Thieves, Archers, Elves, Priests, Witches, Tyrants and Cyborgs. Whichever character players choose, the adventures will be remarkable. To make it more fun-oriented, the Myth War people have come up with Shapeshifting Potions that allow characters to transform themselves into different monsters or even NPCs in the game. This original shapeshifting system will not only change player characters’ appearances but can vary their attribute stats, which is good news for players who love to PK.

How to get Shapeshifting Potions:
Players can get shapeshifting potions in many ways. They can get them by killing monsters (chances are players will get them after each combat, or one of their teammates will get them after each combat if they team up to fight). Or players can purchase some shapeshifting potions from specific NPCs at the entrance to the Pet Lair. Some rare shapeshifting potions, like the Saint Pet shape shifting potion, are sold in the Myth War Item Mall.

Shapeshifting Potion Action:
Shapeshifting potions will change a character’s attributes and resistance stats. How many stats are changed vary with different shapeshifting potions. Here is an example. The initial shapeshifting stats of a Capilla potion reveal that it will alter a character’s attribute stats based on the following statistics: HP+1%, MP-2%, AP+3%, SP-5%, Chaos Resist +3% and Fire Resist -2%. Using different shapeshifting potions will give players different attributes and resistance bonuses. Taking the time to work out a smart way to optimize attribute bonuses by using shapeshifting potions can really benefit players in combat.

Team Action:
The more players using the same type of shapeshifting potion on a team, the more attribute bonuses those players will have.

The shapeshifting system has become one of the top selling points for Myth War II. Its skyrocketing popularity among players is great and helps this game retain it’s highly loyal players and maintain continued support from numerous MMORGP fans.

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